The Sasebo Experience:  A Special Place, A Special Time, With Special Friends!

"Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends." ~ Czech proverb


(Reward 1,000 yen)

We need your help!  The 10 former classmates listed below are among the "missing" and as such need to be found and welcomed home to Sasebo Nation.

Posting of our most wanted is designed to encourage all of us to actively join a search to uncover the whereabouts of these former classmates and friends.

As of the 2008 Reunion, Ace Detective Marilyn Langschwager (Pisoni) has an additional title:  Director of Finding Folks (DOFF).  She can be contacted at -- she's an invaluable resource for finding the long lost.

How do you begin a Search?
What do you do next?

Note:  If you should discover the whereabouts of these missing friends, please contact Ace Detective Marilyn Langschwager (Pisoni) at or Sasebo Alumni Headquarters at  or (949) 458-2967.

1 Jerelyne "Jere" Wade
1957-59, 10th-12th grade.  Lone graduate of E.J. King in 1959.  Younger brother, Mike, 5th grade.  Father, a Navy Commander.  Born in Hayward, California.
2 Carroll "Kaye" Neel
1958-61, 9th-11th grade.  Younger brother, Charles, 3rd-6th grade.  Father, a Navy YNC.  Born in Grenada, Mississippi.
3 Susan MacQuarrie - FOUND!!  Thanks to Ace Detective Marilyn Langschwager (Pisoni)!
1959-61, 7th-9th grade.  Younger brother, Charles.  Last spotted in Virginia.
4 Cathy Cave - FOUND!!  Thanks to Mary Huggins (Torpey) who found Cathy with a Facebook friend request!
1972-75, 10th-12th grade.  Married name Faber.  Joined Air Force in 1976. 
5 Scott Albertson - FOUND!!  Thanks to Ace Detective Marilyn Langschwager (Pisoni)!
1961-64, 10th-12th grade.  Younger sister, Cinthia, 6th grade, and a brother, Benjy, 1st grade.  Born in Little Rock, Arkansas.
6 Steve Marshall - FOUND!!  Thanks to Ace Detective Marilyn Langschwager (Pisoni)!
1965, 12th grade.  Younger brother, Jock, 6th grade and sister, Candy, 1st grade.  Born in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Last known address in Gretna, Louisiana, where he was a detective with the New Orleans Police Department.
7 Dave Baker
1963-64, 10th-11th grade.  Younger brother John, 8th-9th grade.
8 Ronnie Buckley
1962-64, 7th-8th grade.
9 Mark Schnell - FOUND!!  Thanks to Ace Detective Marilyn Langschwager (Pisoni)!
1966, 12th grade.
10 Terry Kempson - FOUND!!  Terry turned himself in...he couldn't resist the siren call of the reward money!
1966, 12th grade.  Went to Furman or Fulton College.

How do you begin a Search?

  1. Dig out your yearbooks and look thru the lower grades for siblings of the "missing"...this is especially helpful if the missing is a girl and had a brother.  Since many of the "missing" girls may have gotten married (thereby changing their last name) a successful search may have to go thru the brother...find the brother and you'll find the sister.
  2. Talk to your parents and see if they can remember things about the parents of the "missing", such as where they are from, where they were going after Sasebo, or anything that might help locate the "missing" classmate.
  3. If you know the whereabouts of a very close friend of the "missing", give that a person a call and see if they have any info that might help in the search.
  4. Some suggested websites:  

What do you do next?

When you manage to get some phone numbers for people with the same name as the person you're searching for, set aside some time and begin telephoning.  Telephone calls are relatively cheap, especially on weekends, and it only takes a few minutes to explain who you are and who you're trying to locate.  Several of my friends from Sasebo and I often get together on a weekend afternoon and take turns calling many of the names we've pulled from sources such as AOL white pages, zoning in on the States where we think our missing friend might now be living.  We'll make many calls, often striking out, but every now and then we'll hit a home run!  You can do this...many of you already have!!

It takes some patience, and perseverance, but the rewards for all concerned are well worth the effort.  The Reunions we are able to enjoy today are a direct result of us taking the time and making use of the computers and websites that are now available to us which have allowed us to get names and phone numbers, and with a little elbow grease success.

Speaking on behalf of many of my friends and classmates from Sasebo that were once lost, for too many years we believed that we would never hear or ever see our friends from Sasebo again.  But with the advent of computers and a variety of information websites, we've managed to accomplish something we once only dreamed about.  In just the last couple of years, many of the "missing" have been found by stumbling onto our website.  In fact, that was one of the main reasons why we launched our website so that it would act as a beacon for those that are still among the "missing".  However, those of us that have found our way home need to keep looking for our friends and classmates that have not.  ~ John Gordon